We already covered one 3D Realms game stuck in development hell, why not a second one? That's right! We're talking about Prey! Find out how a game tha...View Details

Oculus...Vive...Index...Boy? What happens when a veteran Nintendo engineer with a passion for re-purposing cheap tech gets swept up in the 90s VR craz...View Details

And we are back again with part II of more StarCraft crimes, featuring guest Chris Neuteboom! Except now it’s time to explore the corruption found beh...View Details

Guest Chris Neuteboom is back on the podcast this week as we run through the early beginnings of e-sports as well as the various scandals exposed in b...View Details

Microtransactions is back! And we’re here with another batch of hot stories for everyone this week as we talk about the wholesomeness of a solitary MM...View Details

It’s that time of year once again! E3 time! But unfortunately we can't run you through all of the news from E3 2020 as we did before. And that’s becau...View Details

Video games take a long time to make these days. Most take about 2 to 3 years, others can take the better part of a decade. But only one game can hold...View Details

We continue on today with part 2 in our multi-episode history of the Valve Corporation! After the release their first game Half-Life went so well, the...View Details

Bad game launches can unfortunately be commonplace these days, but very few can reach levels of disaster so high that it effectively kills an entire l...View Details

Today we answer the age old question of what happens when two extremely talented millionaire programmers gain access to a cutting edge engine and a te...View Details

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