It's the 1980s. Arcades are all the rage and Pac-Man Fever is sweeping the nation, but how will Japan capitalize on the craze? They go to MIT of cours...View Details

It’s time to get sleazy in the Hot Button studio this week as we discuss the origins of one of the dumbest, grossest, and most exploitative titles to ...View Details

We made it y’all. The final piece of our Tetris saga! Hear the results of every win, loss, deal, lawsuit, and death. No thread left undone. Take our h...View Details

The race to finally get Tetris on the NES and Game Boy is on! On part three of our epic saga, we run through deal after deal and try to separate those...View Details

What happens when 100,000 people try to play a video game at the same time? Fan art? Political struggle? Religion??? Today we take a look at the journ...View Details

And we’re back with some more Tetris talk! Today we dive deep into the confusing and tangled web of licensing in order to find out just who exactly ow...View Details

Hot Button 2020 Update

Join us for a few short minutes this week, as we give you a quick update about where Hot Button is going in the year 2020, what changes we're making, ...View Details

Time to kick off 2020 with diving into the history of one of gaming’s biggest phenomenons ever, Tetris! On the first part of our series today, we go b...View Details

What happens when online squabbles over a video game get so powerful that they take down the entire internet? Well, that’s a question we don't need to...View Details

And we’re back with not only one story this week, but three! Join us on our second Microtransactions episode as the team brings a few more interesting...View Details

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